• ENZYMATIC is a high performance, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable solution used primarily in the treatment of waste and effluent.

    It breaks down oils and greases in septic tanks, grease traps, floors, drains and pipes making it easier for the bacteria to consume any additional organic waste matter. At the same time, it rapidly eliminates odours.

    ENZYMATIC is manufactured from a unique blend of naturally occurring and fermented natural products, essential nutrients and surfactants.
    The product does not contain live bacteria.

    ENZYMATIC is a light brown viscous solution with a pleasant herbal smell, supplied in 20, 200 and 1000 litre pack sizes

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How it works

ENZYMATIC works by stimulating the activity of microorganisms naturally present in the substrate. It does this by providing a readily available food source and micronutrients essential to the growth and production of microorganisms. The surfactants present in the product assist in breaking down fats and oils and penetrating the substrate thus making the substrate more prone to natural biodegradation processes.

ENZYMATIC exhibits a broad spectrum of action because it stimulates the activity of the microorganisms naturally present in the substrate. It does not depend on possessing a blend of microorganisms suited to the substrate.


The advantages of ENZYMATIC in comparison to other products

ENZYMATIC does not rely on bacteria or enzymes built into the product to work. It is a sophisticated nutrient solution that stimulates the growth of naturally present bacteria. These bacteria produce natural enzymes which give the product its “enzymatic” action.

Any organic material such as a waste stream will be teeming with bacteria that thrive in that particular environment. What inhibits the bacteria from more rapidly degrading the substrate is lack of key nutrients or a readily available nutrient that can stimulate their growth and thereby speed up the natural degradation of the substrate. ENZYMATIC works by providing a package of essential nutrients that kick starts or accelerates the natural biological processes.

ENZYMATIC does not require activation – in effect it is an activating agent itself working directly on the microorganisms naturally present on the target substrate.

The surfactants in ENZYMATIC assist in breaking down otherwise intractable oils and fat. In addition, the surfactants act as wetting agents helping water and nutrients saturate the solids and promote natural bacterial degradation. The surfactant itself also becomes a food source for the bacteria.

ENZYMATIC is a robust formulation that can be stored for prolonged periods under relatively harsh conditions without losing efficacy. This makes it an ideal choice for situations in which storage under controlled conditions of temperature may be impossible.

ENZYMATIC is effective over a wide range of pH levels and temperatures. Because it is in a liquid form, bacterial stimulation is immediate and there are no residues. It can also be sprayed and used for a wide range of general purpose cleaning problems.

Features and Benefits of ENZYMATIC

  • Deodorises by destroying the molecular structures which cause odour problems
  • Reduces levels of Biochemical Carbon Dioxide Demand (BOD) by enzymolysis through decomposition or conversion of the contaminants
  • Fully neutralises contaminants as a biodegradable cleaner
  • Digests Hydrocarbons, grease and oils by up to 60% in 5 days
  • Digests sludge by 40% to 60%
  • Safe to use, is non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-inflammable
  • Is totally environmentally compatible and safe
  • Biodegrades the removed organic contaminant
  • Leaves no residue other than carbon dioxide and water
  • Functions equally in fresh or salt water
  • Functions in aerobic and anaerobic systems
  • Effective over a wide range of PH levels and temperatures
  • Bacterial stimulation is immediate because enzymatic is in liquid form
  • Can be sprayed and used for a wide range of general purpose cleaning problems
  • No reconstitution down the line
  • Limitations

    ENZYMATIC works by stimulating the activity of microorganisms naturally present in the substrate. However, in any situation bacterial activity is inhibited by abnormally low (acidic) or abnormally high (alkaline) conditions, the presence of biocides, very low or very high temperatures, high concentrations of salts, high concentrations of soluble organic compounds such as sugars (see Note 1). Enzymatic will not correct these problems. It can only stimulate biological activity when other limiting factors are also controlled.

    Note 1. The use of high concentrations of salt and sugar as a method of inhibiting bacterial activity is well-known. It is the basis of preserving many food products including meat and fruit.

  • Non-Toxicity

    placeholderENZYMATIC is not classified as toxic to aquatic organisms when used at the recommended dilution rate. In normal use the product will break down rapidly in the aqueous environment to harmless products. The product is not intended to be applied directly to aquatic systems and should be regarded as hazardous to aquatic systems in its concentrated form.